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Seeing as how it's such a grey area... confiscated or allowed ... it's all up to the individual CBSA you get at the boarder to be honest. If you get an agent that is a stickler then expect to get your stuff confiscated... if you get someone that is more understanding and in the loop of things then it's probably going to make it across. If your going to do it declare it, it's that simple, if it gets confiscated at least you don't run the risk of being thrown in jail, you declared it and did things the proper way. Trying to smuggle it, well.... that's up to you... and so are the consequences of your actions so be prepared to deal with them if you take that route.
I don't think everyone should be so critical of people who want to try and bring them across as long as it is done properly... ie: declare it. If it gets confiscated then hey... no biggie.... they are just out some cash... if they get it across via the proper declarations... hey great job.

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