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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late reply guys. It's been a very emotional few days, a lot of time spent with my family and friends.

Some of you have heard correctly, the sentence date has now been postponed until January 29th. Crown and defence spent the 2 days doing submissions. At the end of the 2nd day the judge felt that she did not have adequate time in coming to a sentencing decision.

The main thing people need to understand is that at this point i've already plead guilty, judge is trying to decide what is a fair sentence.

I can tell you all this, crown is asking for 4 years in jail. My lawyer has pushed for 2 years less 1 day conditional sentence (house arrest, curfew etc). There isn't presidence for such a case and that's why they are having troubles deciding.

If anyone IS aware of any cases in the east that deals with import and sales of 'prohibited devices' that happened out in the east coast please let me know, not sure how much help it would be now since submissions are complete and the judge is taking the time to deliberate.

I have a little over a month to find out what will happen. My advice to any retailers out there now is to start open communications with Canada Customs, firearms centre, and police as to what you are selling and if it is legal to sell. Get it in writing as well.

I still see many people on here as 'retailers' selling full markings Airsoft guns, I just want to caution you guys to educate yiurselves before it's too late.

As much as I enjoyed promoting this sport that I loved for so long, I can tell you that it was not worth ruining my life for.

Maybe in the end the government may use me as an example. Whatever the case is it's affected me greatly and I very remorseful.

I hope it turns out well and I can serve my sentence here on the outside while contributing to society
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