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Mini red dot

I ordered this red dot from Huang to use for shooter on shooter training airsoft AR's at different times in the last year. For clarity sake, I'd prefer non-trademarked versions as these are clones. You can't find non-trademarked versions that aren't really poor quality so I went with one of these. I am happy with the product, but for my own personal reasons, a little paint and the trades will be covered up quickly.

If you look at the image that shows the mount removed, there is a real mount in the bottom left. It has a small mound that would interlock with the bottom of the real optic to resist recoil. The clones do not have this feature so a modification would be needed to interchange real steel with the clone.

For airsoft use, this should be a good optic, especially for the price.

I do not endorse or condone the use of this product on anything at anytime anywhere, this is mearly a post reflecting my expeince/observation of the item in question. I am in no way related to the sale, manufacture, distribution, etc of this product or any other products. Also I have no relation or agreement with Huang.
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