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Airsoft in Winter

This isn't off topic from airsoft, but I didn't know where else to put this so I decided upon here.

Basically, i'm wondering how people play airsoft in winter(I know about xtreme tactics, but, yes i'm still 2 months away from sixteen). I have a huge yard, over ten acres, and we don't use it for anything, but it is amazing for big games of airsoft. I have been aching to play ever since the snow fell, but its been too cold, so i'm wondering how people stay warm, but still feel the bbs hit them? And what kind of guns work winter. I would be willing to play with jackets and snow pants on, but without fully automatic guns you won't really here a bb hit you, it could just as easily be you brushing up against a twig. And I don't want to risk dropping my AK in the snow, with it being electric and all I would expect it to not work well with snow.

I also think it would be sweet to play in winter as you can make awesome bunkers out of'd be really fun IMO.
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