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Strike-Hold is -and this is my not-so-modest opinion- a must stop for any self respecting airsoft player, who doesn't live under a rock. Lawrence sent in this update:Hi guys,Things have been going a bit "camo crazy" over here at Strike - Hold! lately. * You may have heard about the controversy about Russian Interior Ministry troops in the recent Georgian conflict being spotted wearing uniforms with a replica of the latest Finnish digital camo pattern. Well, I\'ve got the scoop on that.* Got the latest news - and photos - of the upcoming PenCott digital camouflage suits from Hyde Definition too.* Also posted an article reviewing the Partizan camo over-suit made by Sposn.* And put up a gallery of some of the more interesting camo patterns and combat clothing from the Russian company Modox.Plus, Airsoft Soldier #2, the establishment of the US Marine Corps\' Africa Command, the US Army\'s search for an M4 replacement, and lots of other goodies...Strike - Hold!Lawrence
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