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Smith and Wesson boots now here at CopShopUK

From Arnie's Airsoft:

CopShopUK  now have (or at least they should be) a lovely new container load of Smith and Wesson boots. They will be ready to order and ship very shortly and should prove very popular:
The Smith and Wesson military and Police range of tactical footwear is about to hit the streets in the UK.

The Performance boot combines the features of the M&P series with high boot athletic styling that will be ideal in tough conditions. Great value at 49.99.

The Defender with a zip side, offers proven performance and durability at approximately 69.00 and the technical all singing all dancing Guardian.

This boot is waterproof with memory foam inserts along with the latest True-Flex technology for just 89.99.

The full range of Smith and Wesson including half sizes will be available towards mid November exclusively at

Be part of the legend." Postage and packaging not included. (CopShopUK)

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