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AirSharp: Ammo chutes

From Airsoft

If you struggle to manufacture your own ammo chutes, good news- AirSharp is now offering them for cheap: Making a minigun? One of the hardest and most tedious parts is the ammo chute. This item is 100% digitally produced, CAD/CAM quality! 20" length has 21 segments, and is all one piece, not a frustrating assembly of repetitive parts.Lightweight, but incredibly strong. CNC-produced, ready- thermoformed chute is 3" x 3/4" inside dimension, and is made of 1/8" thick, engineering grade ABS sheet. Length can be bent to 6" inside curve, or twisted end to end 180deg, without deforming. Popular fake linked shells (NOT INCLUDED) or even real ammo belts slide smoothly through.Also allows plenty of room for hidden BB-feed lines, cabling on custom builds. Mount holes on 1.5" centers, every inch of running length.PRICE: 20" section -$45USD, 60" (three 20" sections with connectors) -$110USD plus 2lbs at current USPriorityMail Rates from 95610.US average $10, UK, $20 slightly higher elsewhere.
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