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Hello All,
well Krusty has made the announcement and I will confirm it.... we have entered into an exclusive agreement together for this amazing field. While I can not confirm 100% yet that everything is a go I will say that it is looking really promising and looking to be the best border wars game yet! So start saving your pennies to come out and get ready for the most action packed milisim scenario ever held!

Here is a little teaser as to how large this facility actually is..... from the Sat photo of the entire property.

To answer another question that was put out there....

Yes I am the owner of one of Canada's largest outdoor fields and also became the first dedicated scenario paintball field in Canada. We ran several large scale scenario games at the field, 1 per month to be exact. So for those wondering... yes I do have experience with large scale scenario games as well as 24hr and night games. While my experience has been mostly in the paintball area Krusty's experience will make up for my lack in the airsoft arena and present you with a truly amazing field to play on.

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