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Sorry but I'm from out west, who exactly is BlackRain? Do you really own one of Canadas largest paintball fields??? Holy crap man. You can count me in if the game is set in stone and a date is set early. (You seem like you know what you're doing and have sincere promises).

Even though you own a large field this seems like it would be a logistics nightmare to do a one man show. If you've made the effort to plan everything out I'm definitely in. I won't expect the game to be like clockwork (even if you plan it "perfectly" there's still going to be some snags) since this is the first year it's being run but to be part of this game would be awesome. I hope it gets better every year.

You also mentioned the military using this building for training. So I'm guessing that there won't be any problem with the RCMP and ERT rolling up because of people in the area calling them.

I might have to do a roadtrip this summer.
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