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Originally Posted by BlackRain View Post
Well... I own one the largest paintball fields in Canada so I'm pretty versed in how to run a big game so to speak. We have run a bunch of scenario's at the field including 24hr games and night play. I personally would just like to see a huge group of folks come out and enjoy a great day of gaming and get in on some of the action myself instead of being in the background running things.
We are all down then, and trust me, I am speaking for the majority of Airsoft players in southern Ontario.

It's been YEARS since something like this has popped up... countless times where people have promised a venue even remotely closed to this but never set anything in stone.

I think it's safe to say that it's every Airsofters dream to play in an abandoned building without worrying about sand or paint on the wall. If the roof is accessible than we could have rooftop sniper positions (If the hospital is in a remote area).

There is a shit ton of promise for this venue, and I sincerely congratulate you for just having the ability to have control over such a big venue.
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