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Now it is the truth time. As long as you unfocu the camera and then you
can make the rectile as big as you like in the picture.!!!!

I just had people take the same picture of the same batch 553.

Here is the real reticle of the 553

Here is the reticle of the 553 taken when the camera does not focus

I have no idea how Cap Flan's pictures got taken. I TOLD him it is the same as G&P 553 and asked him to read the review in the review section regarding G&P 553. There might be slight ghosting when the brightness set to high.

As a ASC retailer I stand behind my products and I tried my best to let customers know issues of the products upfront as much as possible. It is alright post negative review on a product, but please, TELL THE TRUTH.

When the product got return to me. I will take picture of the rectile myself.

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