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Just got the Huang latest 553 full trades.

Its crap!!!! There is like 5 circles! They don't even show equally. Some part of the circle is all fade. Ghosting is very bad at any brightness level red or green. Then the vision get's all blurry.

Plus the crappy quick release don't even secure the thing well on the top receiver rail. No snap. The thing has one quick release that is almost useless!
I asked about all of this before buying it.

This is not what I expected that all!
Really I can't even use it!!


I am pissed!

There is some pics to show you how bad it is. My eyes hurt as I use it for 5 minutes...

This is the piece. Very nice looking. Very heavy and it feels very strong.

And now the reticle... Now note the letters on the DVD drive. They are clear so the camera is on focus. This is how I see in it.

I believe my eyes correct the view a little but still...

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