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Pantac Versipack in CB (56k Beware)

Hi everyone, I just wanted to do a quick picture review of the Pantac Versipack since the only one I could find was in french.

So this is the Pantac (formerly known as Phantom) Versipack. From the size, I believe this is a knock off of the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack, but I may be mistaken.

It's made from Cordura, though I'm not sure if it's 600 or 1000d. The belt is the same material as a seat belt and is pretty soft to the touch surprisingly. Unlike the real Maxpedition, it lacks the belt pad (which is sold separately, but I haven't seen them for a few months) so for some it may dig into the shoulder and neck. Since my previous bag was a cheap bag, this one seems much more comfortable in comparison. I do wish it came with the belt pad, though I can't seem to think of a pantac bag that comes with it stock. The stitching feels pretty solid, though I'll have to let my mother look at it for a more professional opinion on the stitching quality.

So onto the layout of the bag...

As you can see, there is a decent amount of molle on the bag to attach extra pouches. There is a 2x2 near the strap of the bag, a 2x3 on the top pouch and a 2x2 on the side pouch. Also, there's a nice strong metal clip sewn to the strap

The top pouch is about the perfect size for a Nintendo DS, a PSP, or any similar sized object.

There's a zippered pouch right behind it that's very roomy and has some velcro attachment. Maxpedition and 5.11 sells some velcroable mag, pistol, and tool holsters that will fit perfectly in this compartment.

On the sides, there are the water bottle compartment made out of mesh. I do wish this was similar to the original MAxpedition bag where the pouch was made out of cordura and can be packed away when not in use.

On the other side there is a pocket with the 2x2 molle that fits my leatherman, the extra drill bit kit with still a bit of room to spare. Behind that pouch is a pocket thats the perfect size for a large Sabre radio.

Just above that pocket is a cellphone pocket which is actually big enough to fit my Zune 80 with about a few centimeters sticking out. There's also two slots for pens attached to that pouch. Above that is the quick release buckle for the strap.

Onto the main compartment/flap of the bag. The flap has a strip of velcro and a pouch that opens up just above it. The Phantom/Pantac logo is stitched right in the middle of the velcro. I really don't get the logic of stiching it smack in the middle of the velcro, but this was easily addressed with a stitch remover and a evil cackle. It's secured by a big chunky buckle. On the bottom is a strip of webbing stitched to the bottom of the bag. I'm not exactly sure what I should do with it, I'm open to suggestions.

Opening that up you'll be greeted with more pouches. First is the smaller two pouches. One is an unsealed pouch which I just stick my clip on glasses in and the other is a zippered pouch that has a small mesh pocket and a black clip inside.

In the main pouch, it's nice and roomy and has another meshed pouch and a partition in the pouch. It's all sealed up with I guess what would be considered a moisture proof portion to keep things in there dry.

Flipping the bag over, we can see some foam padding and mesh to help keep things nice and dry. I really like that there's a velcroable belt clip to keep the bag from flapping around when running around with this bag. It makes it a little more field worthy in my opinion.

Anyways, in conclusion

+ Lots of molle
+ Good bit of room
+ nifty little belt clip
+ feels like good quality, seems like it's stitched well
+ has velcro strip which is perfect size for a name tape, flag, morale patch, or maybe even a full sized patch
+ LOTS OF POCKETS (Laike likes pockets)

- Could use a belt pad
- Would have prefered a cordura pouch versus the mesh pouch
- Phantom/Pantac logo stitched right smack in the middle of the velcro

The skinny
If you're looking for a cheap alternative to the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack, check this bag out. If you're looking for a man purse, check this bag out.

Thanks to Jon at 1337 Tactical for getting this baby shipped to me so fast. My usual messenger bag was on my last legs.

Edit: Just a note, MrEvolution would like to point out this is officially Laike's first purse. Though this is a man purse, it apparently doesn't count as one if you're a girl.
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