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I'll second what Lutnit says about the ghosts not being noticeable when you're actually shooting. They're only distracting on the brightest settings, particularly on green with me. Once toned down a bit, they're not bright enough to throw you off or make you use the wrong reticule.

And a note on trades - I'm not a stickler for trademarks. If I can get something with them, then great. I do like authenticity. I liked that I managed to swap the trademarked parts on the 552s to have the trades on the HurricanE, to match the trademarked HK416, but I won't turn up my nose at anything because of a lack of trademarks. I take functionalityu over appearance any day. But for some people, it's a huge issue though, so had to mention it.

Defective or not, my unit has more ghosting than my Huang unit, and it seems that other peoples' HurricanEs have ghosting issues as well. Whether anyone agrees with that or not, it's still the case and I reported it fairly based on the model I have. If yours doesn't have any ghosting, then good for you. Just don't try to marginalize what I've reported in this review. I'm not making this shit up. I reported issues I have, and others have had similar experiences. People reading this review can take it as they will.
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