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I run a HurricanE 553, very limited ghosting on highest settings but minimal enough that when stressed and making quick snap shots you don't even see it. It does cast light out the front but its never been a problem indoors because when they see it I am either dead or they have BB's flying at their head. You have to be looking at it pretty straight on to see it from the front.

I dislike Huangs. I have seen 3 of them break, one was shot with a 400fps gun from more than 100' away, one was bumped fairly lightly against a door frame in an indoor game, and one was hit with a 240fps TM MP7 from 20-30' away. My HurricanE has taken 400fps hits from 25-40' away and didn't even scratch (first game I used it and it didn't have a protector yet.) I am on my second set of batteries in my HurricanE after 9-10 months and I see people swapping batteries in Huang holosights mid game because they ran out after 2-3 hours.

I used to own a Bushnell first gen holosight, from before EOTech was even marketing them, ran on N-cell batteries. It was really nice but didn't go too bright so was kinda useless on sunny days but its minimum setting was perfect for pitch black areas.

I don't care about trades personally so thats a non-issue for me. I paid I think $160 for my HurricanE 553 and a real one would have cost me $600-700 (but is much nicer.) I have played around with a real EOTech 553 for a few minutes and its just dead on crystal clear and amazing for aiming (since its, you know, actually holographic instead of an RDS.) But I don't have that kind of money for a sight...yet.

Oh yeah, and on my HurricanE 553 you can only see the ghosting when on the brightest setting in a dark room. When on the brightest setting on a sunny day (the only time you would need to use the brightest setting) you can't see it because the daylight is so much brighter than the ghost image. Also I can't stand 552's, they are too low to the receiver so I need to mash my cheek to the point of almost being painful to look through it properly.

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