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Originally Posted by HaZarD SFD View Post
mcguyver your just a god and everythihng you purchase is perfect..
Not hardly. I've owned more defective stuff than you can imagine. I have boxes of it in my basement as I type this.

And BTW:

You're a tool.

It's more likely that someone has either stuck a cheap clone in a HurricanE box with HurricanE bottom plate to make some money (gee, what a shocker), or you have a defective unit (wow, imagine that).

And I have 1st generation 552s.

And they are not the only ones I've seen.

I wonder what happens to the untis that factory builds that aren't flawless? Do they sell them to as-is, or sell cheap to someone that sells them to us for bigger profit. Doesn't matter, either way, the OP, and your's is defective. Live with it, or pitch it in the garbage. But they aren't all that way.

And BTW, real EoTechs can suffer from this as well. It's rare, and you send it back to the factory for new lens(s), but you might not get it returned (export controlled).
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