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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
IMO, both thermes are correct due to the wide spread usage of both.

Clips and Mags are still 2 very different thing, that's why it's important to use the correct therme.

And to make a parallele, in french, a silencer is a "silencieux" and there is no french therme for a supressor. It would translate to a "Úliminateur" wich make no sense. That's why most french speaking lads will keep saying a silencer.

To push the theory furder. Silence is the absence of noise. But you never have an absolute silence unless in the void of space. Even there, the human hear will generate it's own noises. So Silence is relative. Making a gun silent is also relative to the embiant serounding and the regular output of sound of a gun. So silencing a gun is making it more quiet. Like the silencer of a car. You can still hear the car up close, but not 1 mile away compared to the same car without the silencer.

I went a bit deep here, but my point is that we can't be too anal about 2 thermes that depict the same thing.
Perfect. Silencer it is then! haha
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