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Figured I would post some pics of the wear and tear on my gloves after 4 games. First use was Op Drug Bust back in July. After 1 day in the field, they were starting to show wear. Not significant, but they were showing wear already. The first 3 pics show where the majority of the wear is on the right hand trigger finger. The fabric on most of the finger tips is fraying a bit from contact with velcro and brush. That's the majority of the damage on the gloves, and it's mostly cosmetic at this point. However, I don't think these things will last 10 games at the rate of wear.

However, the rest of the gloves are in pretty reasonable condition as seen in the last 2 pics. There is no wear, the seams have all held up well so far and show no signs of separating or of breaking threads.

So all in all, I'd say they're not terrible, but likewise, they're now great either. I think they're worth their price.

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