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Originally Posted by Thatotherguy View Post
Well, The saying goes "Dont judge a book by its cover", Airsoft, of course, is usually made out to be a simulator of armed combat and stuff. But all in all, a lot of the people playing out there are just having fun and living a dream and fantasy.
Of course, there are a lot of members in the armed forces. But that's not always the case. Like I had said before, people talk and reference to things in ways they are most comfortable with.
You will always find a guy talking in 'correct' manners, and another that simply doesn't care. and just wants to shoot things.
I demand a picture of your words!
It's been awile since I've had a good laugh.

Anywho on topic now. More or less as stated...
There will be those who term everything correctly.
Those who try, and have a hit and miss. (Which is majority, and hey I'm there too)
Those who beleive in clips, silencers, etc..
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