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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
Sorry, but I read the thread. What I'm saying is that those who write in as customers may be buying themselves a problem if their own, and the letters may work against the sentencing as it shows, conclusively, with or without the plea of guilty, that the accused was indeed in contravention of the law on a large scale.

If a drug dealer pleads guilty, do think it would help his case if all his customers showed up and said "hey, I bought from him but only for medicinal use. He's an ok guy, you know?"
The arugment being used against him is that he soley operated to supply gang members and criminals with illegal weapons. Letters from the community would be used as evidence to show that he did not sell these replicas to people who wish to use them in crimes. He's already admitted to breaking the law on a large scale with his guilty plea, now he is attempting to prove that he was not supplying other people with the replicas for the purpose of doing harm.

Also, it is highly doubtful that these letters would be used against the writters. The RCMP have already shown a tolorance and on some level an acceptance of the sporting community. The charges in this case were laid by the CBSA. The CBSA has no grounds to go after individual owners unless they imported the items themselves.
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