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Airsoft GI: News

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Last piece of news for today. From GI Airsoft, no less. Equilibrium was fun flick and if you like gunkata, look no further- Airsoft GI M9 Equilibrium is upon us:Airsoft GI is very excited to announce the release of a brand new GBB custom M9, the Airsoft GI M9 Equilibrium. Straight from the movie starring Christian Bale, this new M9 is made from a KWA M9 and modeled to every detail from the movie. This Tetragrammaton M9 is made from a KWA M9 and has been carefully molded to every detail from the movie. It features a nonfunctional selector switch, a stamped 'T' at the front of the strike kit, the grips have the Tetragrammaton 'T', the trigger guard has been squared off, and the base of the magazine features the Cleric's custom etching. Here's your chance to own a high quality, working replica of John Preston's M9.We also have ICS's newest release, the L85A2. New Free Float Rail Systems from Bravo, and Star's new P-Mag 30rd Box sets.As always visit for thelatest and greatest.
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