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I suppose that's something of a catch 22.

If Will receives the supportive letters and with them successfully argues de minimis non curat lex, it's unlikely the court will seek action against the letter writers. After all, it has already ruled that Will's offence was trivial.

If Will receives the supportive letters and with them fails to convince the judge, the letter writers do kind of flag themselves.

If Will receives a lack of supportive letters, it increases the likelihood that his argument will fail, and the severity of his sentencing will reflect poorly on our position down the road.

I think in this case, an overwhelming response from appropriate members of the community is better than everyone turtling. First of all, the more people responds as having done business with Will for the purpose of airsoft, the more of Will's inventory the judge will be able to abstractly account for. Secondly, a sufficiently large number of responses is a defence for letter writers, in that it makes prosecuting everyone extremely demanding and unappealing.
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