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Such minor things like that is left for the user to decide. I would not consider it a downside to KWA though seeing as most other guns use it. And for deans, most batteries come with tamiya small connectors, through deans on it right away would make it more difficult to get batteries because then you would have to rewire it with deans and buy deans (and since most if not all deans packages comes with male and female, you would have a left over male connector, so why not just stick with the tamiya)

Originally Posted by KND View Post
Too bad, I got lemon from KWA. and it broke after 300 to 400 through it then I never touch KWA again.
Well, you just got unlucky with KWA's. The lemon rate for KWA's is very low compaired to other AEG companies like JG, E1, CA, ICS, and even TM. You just dont hear much about them

Just my two cents.

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