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I'd just like to add

Nylon is one of the worst things you can wear on a motorcycle. In the event that you have to put it down, due to it's synthetic nature it will melt right into your road rash. Stick to denim and leather, it lasts longer under extreme friction. Also cruisers can be safer in certain situations than most other bikes, but not necessarily. I say this because some cruisers come equipped or have been equipped with crash guards. If it were not for the crash guard, I would probably be a one legged man now. At the same time though I know people that have metal flatbars for feet that the crash guard did not save. On the up side they did get a new BMW out of it.

As for these gloves, I was thinking about getting the same set from ebaybanned, but after reading this thread, I think I'll save the extra $40 and get a set that will be with me for a while.

I don't think anyone is alone on this, everyone prefers to have the real deal over the replica, but some if not most just do not have the means to do so.

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