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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
I think I'm fairly alone when it comes to preferring the real stuff (or at least the higher end replicas) when it comes to airsoft
Not entirely, its like Huangs SERPA's versus the real ones, there is what $50 difference? But the real one WILL stand up to a lot more punishment! It seems moot that if you spent only $50 more you wouldn't be buying another. That said I'm not a stickler that EVERYTHING has to be real deal, I do employ a lot of Pantac products but in the end, any time I have a Pantac product versus the real deal, its a no contest when costs are set aside. I love my RRV, but when comparing the cost of the real one to the Pantac, I certianly do think it would have been just as well to go with the real one. Though CIRAS definitely the Pantac as the Eagle is several hundred dollars more.

For any protective gear, its always a better safe than sorry. This talk of using these for riding a motorcycle, I would probably say its better to go with out any than with something not designed for that use. Also, having a crash while in-experienced does not make you experienced with crashes, Evil Knievel is experienced with crashes; you're a kid that got dropped on his arse most likely trying to push a vehicle further than you were capable of at the time which is recent. The people that make their lively hood creating the protective gear for motorcyclist study thousands of crashes over their career and probably more in one week than you could possible be involved with in your riding life time. Now this also translates back to airsoft as well, any protective gear should be weighed heavily, I know I settled for a replica IBH because I want to create a specific look with out braking the bank and have succeeded in this, but in no way shape or form do I think that bloody thing offers much in the way of head protection. The thing with gloves, knee/elbow pads and so on is that their real world versions are usually not that expensive it does not make sense to sway the protective value of the real one for the cheap dollar value for the fake. $40 is pennies when you factor that these replica's have so many reports of just coming apart that when you've gone through two sets before getting mad and buying the real, you could have had two pairs of the real ones. When there are hundreds of dollar difference then I can see the reasonin' such as with the CIRAS. $40 is nothing, it really isn't, while it all adds up quick the extra few weeks you wait to invest that little bit more will be worth 10 fold.

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