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I'm assuming that these are probably the same as the ones that ebaybanned sell. They look good, fit well, and don't leech their colour onto your skin when you sweat. They're also really well ventilated too, which makes them comfortable to wear. For that price, they'll protect your knuckles from a painful BB hit just as well as the real deal would.

However, they start showing wear and tear very quickly. So much as touch them on velcro, and threads will be pulling a bit. Ditto for fighting your way through thick brush and such. It's very hard on the gloves. I've worn mine to 2 milsim games and 2 skirmishes, and quite honestly, the fabric on the gloves is starting to look worn. The gloves have held together well, but the fabric look like crap now.

That being said, if you're playing primarily indoors, I think you could get some decent longevity out of these things. They're not real tactical gloves, but they're decent for the money. I wouldn't outright recommend them, but for the price I think they're ok.

And in using these as motorcycle gloves, I think they'd provide no protection whatsoever in a crash.

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