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Here are some things other people ahve managed to pull of with KWA stock gears, prepare to get jelous because KWA gears are the BEST

From Blackssr on the KWA forums:
Setup No.1

Stock Motor:
Stock 130 Spring- .25g- 425 fps- 24 bps

Systema Magnum:
Stock 130 Spring- .25g- 425 fps- 29 bps

Setup No.2

Stock Motor:
Guarder 140 Spring- .25g- 445 fps- 20 bps (Motor go very Hot- Straining to pull spring!)

Systema Magnum:
Guarder140 Spring- .25g- 450 fps- 27 bps (Motor is flawless- Easily pulls spring and runs cool)

Setup No.3

Stock Motor:
Guarder 150 Spring- .25g- 475 fps- 18 bps (Motor go very Hot- Straining to pull spring!)

Systema Magnum:
Guarder150 Spring- .25g- 480 fps- 27 bps (Motor is flawless- Easily pulls spring and runs slightly warm)

I am pleased overall with purchase, but a bit disappointed that I could not hit 500fps-30bps (Maybe next time). I will stay with Setup no.3 This is by far the best setup I have run. I play on a field with unlimited class- No kids-

Update as of November 7, 2008:

I recently upgraded Lipo to 3300mah 40 amp continuous and cut Magnum Motor armature on my RC motor lathe. Cleaned and lubed ball bearings, installed new high performance silver brushes.

New Numbers are as follows:

Systema Magnum:
Guarder150 Spring- .25g- 495 fps- 34 bps. Awesome speed.

I ordered a 160 spring from HK last week. 525/32 should be obtainable

finally got around to testing with 2 Lipo 40c packs in parallel, This setup will keep the voltage the same while doubling the potential amperage available to the Magnum. I also rewired the entire gun with 14 AWG Teflon wire.( tight fit, but doable) This will decrease any voltage/amperage drop due to smaller AWG wire. The results were encouraging to say the least.

Also:The trigger response was nearly instantaneous due to heavier wire. This was extremely noticeable.

New Numbers are as follows: With 2 Lipo 40C batteries in Parallel with potentially 80 amps constant on tap.

Systema Magnum:

Guarder160 Spring- .25g- 540 fps- 31 bps. Motor was getting warn, but show no signs of strain after 1000 rounds or so. Brushes look good and no arcing or wear on Armature.

MY CONCLUSION (vic_man4, no quotions)
Yup, there it is, stock gears kicking around that size spring that fast. His armature on his sysetma magnum was tuned and trued and he upgrade the bushes and springs, He knows what hes doing, he raced RC cars professionally and knows a lot about small motors.

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