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Originally Posted by Criff View Post
Very true. An MP5 isn't a great gun for open range combat either but I'm going to use it with a black vest until I get my G3-SG1, which I will get an OD vest for. Shooting for 2 configurations here: MP5 - CQB, G3-SG1 - open range. Makes sense?

They have nothing even remotely close to what I need. Vests with MP5 mag pouches are hard to come by.
yep makes sense

im 90% sure, but i think you can use AR mag pouches for your mp5 mags. 2 AR mags will fit, or 3 MP5 mags will fit in each pouch (its a little tight, but if you put 2, then its good) . i used to have a MP5 and i am very sure that is what i did but that was 2-3 years ago

just some suggestions, i would double check with someone about the mp5 mags fitting in AR pouch, or go test in a teammate's vest
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