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Originally Posted by matt491 View Post
Ever heard of squids?! Jesus, you're 16, you can't have been riding for more than THIS season! I've been riding a hell of a lot longer than you and have been in two accidents.
My point is those gloves would be a waste of money if you got in an accident. You might as well NOT wear gloves, cause they'd SHRED the instant you hit the ground, guaranteed. If you've really been in an accident on a bike and aren't just saying it to try and sound cool, you'd understand the importance of good gear all the more..
No no, I have gotten into an accident on Lawrence Ave W and Keele passing an intersection where there's a major hole shit on there.
I've got my M2, and rode since March. Drove many many times on the highway. it also depends what bike you ride. Cruiser is always safer. Yes, gear IS important. Yes, I realize now at a closer look those gloves would shred. I thought it was just leather..
What bike do you ride? BTW, I'm 17, and ride a 06 750 Shadow Aero Touring.


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