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Thank you everyone for the support and concern! I am very grateful and appreciative of what everyone wants to try and do to help my situation.

If any of you are willing to do so, my lawyer and I are looking for support letters from the Airsoft Community across Canada that have had shared their Airsoft experiences with me (on the field, off the field, and on a retail level).

The purpose of these letters are to inform the Judge of what the sport of Airsoft is, what the community is all about, and what type of people are part of this community. For all they (the Judge and the Crown) know, they think that all these airsoft items are used for is for criminal activities.

What should NOT be included in the letters are any feelings/opinions that you have about the legality of Airsoft; we are trying to educate the Judge as to what our sport is all about and my specific participation in it.

Helping me write that letter would be of tremendous help towards my case.


In the letter of reference you would need to include the following:

Full name and address, and a contact number.

1) an introduction of yourself (it is important to describe yourself so that the judge knows the kind of person who is writing this letter), marital status, current and some past jobs. Some background info in regards to your education. You should list any involvement you have in community or volunteer groups. And finally to confirm that you do not have a criminal record

2) your participation in the airsoft community and your experiences. It could be about anything really, the judge needs a sense of what the airsoft sport is, what kind of people participate, etc.

3) your knowledge and experiences you've had with me in airsoft.

Other than that I don't think there is much else, unless you would like to expand on anything else, it is up to you. The main thing is that we are focusing on what airsoft is and my participation in it.

These reference letters can be emailed to

Thank you so much for reaching out to me and lending a helping hand. I really appreciate all of this help I am receiving.

Please email me or call me any time. If I do not answer, please leave me a detailed message and I will definately call you back.


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