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Huang's Oakley Tactical glove replicas!!

I just received the package today and i must say, the gloves are very high quality. They're very comfortable to wear because of the skin-tight-like design. I can write and type with these gloves! The Carbon fibre nuckles give the gloves a very nice look. The gloves even have air vents to keep your hands cool but warm at the same time. The airflow feels great when wearing these gloves. Some stitching and threads that stick out but nothing serious. Other than that, I would really recommend these gloves if you don't want to spend ~3x as much for the real pair. BTW, the size that i purchased is large. Worth my $30.

Quality: 5/5
comfort: 5/5
Looks: 5/5

Dragonredairsoft customer service: 5/5

Review on surefire m962 flashlight(LED) coming soon!

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