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Originally Posted by Lisa View Post
I'm all in favour of criminals having easier access to replicas than real guns. why? they're still going to commit the crime whether they're using a knife, gun, toy replica or a pipe bomb (yes, pretty fatalistic view). If they're using a toy replica then the chances of some one being accidently hurt are lowered. Toy replica's can not kill people and if LEO's encounter a criminal with a toy replica the only person getting hurt is the criminal who put himself in the situation in the first place.
But then the other side of that argument is ban ammunition but let the crooks have their real guns. If you can't shoot the gun (because ammunition is banned), then real guns can't hurt people, right? Neither is really realistic, and who wants to use a gun for crime when it's a fake one that costs 1/2 as much as a real one and is much harder to get? And even if there were no replicas for sale in Canada, you could always pull a John Dillinger and widdle one out of a block of wood. And ammunition (even stuff that's "supposedly" prohibited) is still available if you really want it.

The issue is not to let criminals have any guns at all, real or not. That's the reason we have such strict laws on replicas and even stricter laws on real guns.

I'm sure there's lots of Op-For guys still around, although Matt has his own issues with the courts from what I understand.
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