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Originally Posted by BlackRain View Post
New Question

Is the age verification so slow due to the need for more staff and or sheer volume of verifications? If it is a staffing issue is there a way to help out on that end once verified to help with the overload?

That's not an issue with the board and the system... you'll need to talk to your rep and ask him why he hasn't submitted your info yet. There is no overload. On a "bad" day, we get 10 verification submissions. That can be processed in less than 5 minutes.

But it is up to your verifier to get the details in.

Also realize that the verifiers are doing this on their spare time to help their hobby and community. They're not being paid for this. They get a couple of forum benefits out of it, but beyond that, you have to realize they are volunteering their own time for this. Be patient.
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