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Thank you for the review, some interesting info there.

It seems you end up comparing Cyma to Dboys (this is a Dboys AEG with gas internals). The wood isn't that great because that's what Dboys made. The finish is not to your liking - also due to Dboys (and I consider the Dboys finish much better then the Cyma AKSU one). Dboys is significantly better in construction and materials. Receiver, stock, top cover, and some others are steel, where the Cyma is almost 100% pot metal. You are way off on the quality of the materials.

It IS a shame though that this AK is based on the older Dboys, not the full steel AKSU they released a couple months ago.

1121 is the standard serial number on Dboys AKs.

You cannot compare a 5.45 style mag to a 7.62 real mag for length. Yes the gas mag does look significantly too long compared to a real 5.45 mag. Common problem with many airsoft mags too, many companies measured (or copied) wrong, and made them longer then they should be.
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