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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
will sorry to get off topic, but this would be a perfect opportunity to use what the uk has done with retailing and the sport to defend yourself, or at least get them to understan. i would get some info on that and give it to your lawyer and see what he can do with it.
that would muddy the waters.. this is not a national case for legalizing airsoft.. It is a personal case for one individual to avoid a statute sentence of 5 years in prison for weapon trafficing offenses.

the issue is .. what community benefited from his actions... the presumption is replica firearms are used by criminals..(because they are) ... the evidence needed is he was selling toys to gamers.. not guns to gang members.

In the larger scale if the defense is sucessful .. its a point of law in favour of future cases also being successfuly defended ... Every former retailer facing charges that beats such a charge adds to the case law that charging retailers serving the AS community wastes Judicial resources better spent prosecuting "real" criminals reducing the likelyhood of future charges .. and increasing the tolerance of retail of AS guns to Hobbiests.

In this case he has already been found guilty... now its a matter of applying a reasonable penalty for selling toy guns to gamers.
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