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To the internals!

After using a screw driver to have to pop the dust cover up (which is not fun mind you and is quickly heading away from really tight tolerances and into just plain annoying) i was greeted with this.

Anyone who owns a real ak will instantly see its relation to the real steel. This design is simple, crude, and wonderfully effective

The grip on the GHK is not like an aeg grip. it does not suffer from the bloated design required for motors. The real steel is so skinny that most people used to aegs will find it tiny by comparison. When i removed the grip i thought it looked oddly close to the real one so i took the grip off of the real steel and put them side by side.

When i put them side by side i began to wonder if it could really be that simple that a random new gbb designer would make real steel compatible parts!

There was obviously only one way to find out and this is what resulted B)

Can anyone say awesome after market grips?

After changing the grips out i pulled out the internals and placed them next to there real steel counter part. you can easily see the resemblance

The only big difference is that block you see. that goes behind the trigger assembly and acts as a recoil pad for the bolt itself. the upper part of the bolt you see when the gun assembled is metal but the lower part is mainly plastic. it came well lubed and appears very solid. I dont know a lot about gas guns so i am not sure if this is something new in terms of design or is based off of something else, any input is welcome.
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