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now onto something more general for this gun, the baby seal factor as i call it and the finish. :P

When i pick up both this gun and its clone aeg counterpart the cyma there is some things i notice very quick. The first is that despite my hopes the cyma is considerably heavier then the ghk. The metal itself feels kinda cheap even when put against the cyma so without a doubt i am sure this is a pot metal gun.

The finish is also lacking compared to the cyma. there is defects in the paint and looks like it was slapped on with a can of spray paint. Its that flat black color that fails to even give the illusion that you are getting some kind of steel. I really was not expecting it to be steel but one can keep there hopes up right?

When it comes to the baby seal factor of this gun it blows the cyma away. Despite the poor materials, the gun is rock solid. Far more solid then my cyma, i would compare it to my realsword as i dont own a vfc to compare it to. Nothing creaks or wobbles all of the parts are made to very very tight tolerances. The dust cover was so tight i actually had to pop it off with a screw driver to get it to come off. All of the tolerances inside and out of this gun are very tight, if this was a problem on the old kalash guns i believe either this is a new generation or these are hand picked due to how tight the tolerances are and how perfect everything seems to hold together.

The selector is very very stiff. it often took so much time to get moving i accidentally moved it all the way down to semi by accident. I would say it is indentical to my real steel in terms of resistance. As long as this doesnt loosen up or can be retightened i would say this is going to be a huge plus compared to any aeg which has to cope with the flawed addition of a gearbox.

Compared to the fast moving bolt in youtube videos i came to find out the bolt travel on this is not a "full" bolt travel. The bolt will only move as far as show in this picture. Although this is only about half of what a real steel bolt will travel it is about 3x what a pistol will slide at 80mm of movement per pull of the trigger. Now i dont know how far the we or wa m4 mov but this probably moves farther then they do. Although this is not the most realistic gbb could be, it is very practical for gas consumption and allows it to do things like empty an entire mag on full auto but more on that later

Now for dinner to be soon followed by the internals!
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