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Originally Posted by rexdlu View Post
Oh for sure the well known brands live on quality, but we can't say they're not worth it, you get what you pay for, for example auto racing, some race expensive cars, some race inexpensive cars, not to mention the expensive cars always win no matter how much heart you have, but I think there's still a place for clones.


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Mmm your analogy isn't quite right... because I've seen a $500 dollar Ford Festiva beat a $50,000 5.0L Shelby Mustang

It's more like...

If some one was racing an American Ford Mustang 5.0L Vs a Chinese clone'd Forb Bighorse around 5.0L-or-so

It's all about the tolerances, not about the money (well.. Money tends to = good tolerances so far)
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