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CA90 will probably be quite expensive though. I LOVE CA guns. My M15 is by far my favourite of all airsoft guns I've shot to date. I tend to buy CA externals for my other guns (most of my JG MP5 is CA externally), and so forth. All my C8's furniture is CA as well.

But seeing how godly expensive a TM is, I can't even begin to imagine how expensive a metal receiver CA will be in Canada. That's why to me, the E90 is a clear winner. May need a bit of work to make it "perfect", but at that price, I'll take it over the others any day. But to have the money, I'd hit the CA, but would then have to upgrade it, because it's also rated at about the same performance level as the TM... I like my guns to be a minimum of 320 fps.

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