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+1 -obviously- for any real EOTech HWS over a LED red dot clone.

Disclaimer - Yes, I know the subject was comparing 552 sights, but having both Huang 551 (practically identical to his 552) and a real EOTech 551.A65, this comparison's a valid one IMHO. However, what follows is merely my opinion and nothing more!

Huang's 551 is very good (and cheap) for what it does with minimal ghosting unless you've cranked the brightness way beyond what's needed for indoor / low-light play, in which case it's there. Outdoor you can pretty much forget it as the reticle washes out completely. Another annoyance is when you pair it up with the current crop of QD/FTS/etc. magnifier mounts. Apart from the twist-off AP 3x mount which seems to put the magnifier squarely in the middle of the sight at least on my setup, all the other mount/mag combos even with riser plates don't really properly line-up the magnifier behind the clone 551 sight either vertically, horizontally, or both which results in mild to severe optical distortion of the reticle. Also though perhaps it's due to a reflection off the back of my polycarbonate lens protector, the LED source can be seen quite easily from in front of the sight, especially in low ambient light. However that said, Huang's version looks very much the part and performs as expected within a budget that's reasonable.

For those of you who have a money tree planted somewhere on your property and can afford the real version, in the same example as above having the magnifier mount imperfectly aligned with the real EOTech 551 doesn't matter because it's a true holographic sight. There's absolutely zero optical distortion of the reticle. Oh, and no LED-based clone sight can ever exceed a real EOTech's laser-based reticle for brightness! Plus, the EOTech laser source is absolutely invisible from in front of the sight. BUT...we all know these EOTech HWS' are a (really expensive) PITA to acquire outside the USA, so there's at least one drawback right there.

A helpful tip for both sights would be to remove batteries when not in use -- leaving them in for long periods will compress the contact springs and can lead to intermittant disconnects.


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