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now some of you might be wondering how off of a totally different mag i can come to the conclusion that this new gbb mag is more realistic then any of the aeg mags sitting beside it. The reason i say this is because of something people rarely think about or compare to and thats the height of the mags. The gbb mag and the real steel mag are the closest when you stack them next to each other and i personally like it. When it comes to the weight of these mags, they tag in at 400g which is about half the weight of a fully loaded real steel mag. I think this gives a healthy balance between real steel and the people who are to looking to keep there loadout as light as possible. The fill valves on these mags are regular fill valves so replacing them should not be a problem if something goes wrong with the valve itself.

when it comes to the durability of the mags i will refer to this promotional video. I can tell you personally that i dropped mine once on carpet and its ok. it appears to be firm and all take propane straight out of the package with zero hesitation or leaks of any kind.

more mag pics:

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