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Ghk gbb aks74u

a review as promised to my friends in ca, its a work in progress so be patient and watch it develop

Alright well after shooting a wa m4 i fell in love with the maintenance filled world of gas blow back guns. However not willing to take the plunge of $600 for an all plastic gun that cant take green and has $130 mags i kept an eye out for something out and ended up finding this. Its not an armalite and I am really happy for that. To often have good guy guns like the m4 get the innovations that no others get like the ptw and recently the gbb of the wa m4. This gun offered a cost effective way into the gbb rifle area which on paper looked way better then the wa m4 could be and on par with the we m4 which has just been released.

When i originally ripped open the package i was hoping to find it neatly packed away it is own custom design like any other clone aeg from china. Much to my dissapointment i found this.....

Thats right right, it was packed in a m733 box, the bb's are post packing. Now thinking maybe this is because i ordered extra mags i moved to the manual and this is what i found.....

Now if you look closely you may have the same "wait...what the **** is that?" Thats right, the manual this gbb ak came with is an aeg manual. So at this point this gun is clearly 0 for 2 when it comes for initial appearance. This gun was already a "back door" gun that no one has heard of and so far it was living up to its expectations and i was not happy. Hoping that perhaps i was getting more of a pre mass production gun as this rifle is not in stock at evike, russian mania or any of the other shops to carry it. I presume that owners from that will probably get a real package as its the least that could be done to make this appear a little better then it did so far.

Once i got the gun out of the package i instantly put it next to my cyma ak and snapped a picture.

Now some of you might not know which to except to have those really cheap looking grips that make you wonder if its the cyma or this new ghk. Just like its poor packaging though, the wood grips are very poor and honestly well below what i expected as the $125 cyma wood grips clearly put it to shame and the only thing that has been done to those is multiple meetings with mud and whatever else i have dove into.

As you can see in the picture above. the grips are made with a very cheap wood and they are just layered with a really thick protective layer which takes away from the beauty of the wood and makes it almost look plastic. The lower also appears very different from the top. the top was much better done then the lower. althought not really shown in this picture, the lower actually came with a ding on the bottom of the wood out of the box. This doesnt really bother me though as even my realsword has nicks and dings in the wood just like my real wasr, personally i think dings and such can add some flare and the used look kalashnikovs are well known for.

Beyond the poor stain on the lower, overall the wood isnt bad. The cut of the wood is actually very good and better then the cut on my real wasr. The lower has zero play what so ever. The upper has no side to side play but like all other aks74u varients i have ever seen. it has some play along the y axis due to how the grip is removed.

Overall despite the ugly initial appearance, if a little love is applied to these grips i feel they will shine because there most important purpose is that they are well formed and solid in place, which they succeed very well at which is especially important in a gun with large moving parts

Just like the cyma it was stacked side by side with. It does have a side rail mount. This is clearly something that will be helpful for anyone who feels optics are a must have and this could be a good canidate to test how worthy that new replica kobra sight is.

When you look at this side you will also notice there is a serial number stamped into it and then again the last four are matching on the dust cover. This could indicate that there is individual serial numbers again but personally i doubt it and the reason why is because the number. The serial on mine is 1121, This gun has not been bought by more then a handful of people anywhere. it has not even been released by most companies. When i bought my realsword during the inial rush i was below 800 and everyone had one of these or was trying to. if i was number 21 and the first two 11 were just put in there i might be more inclined to believe it but i suppose we will have to wait for more to come out to see for certain.

The magazine of the gun are possibly the closest resembling to real steel. Now i dont have ak74 mags to compare it to but i do have ak47 mags to compare it to. left to right these mags are, 30rd real steel mag, star midcap, random 74 midcap, cyma hicap, ghk mag.
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