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Originally Posted by Masterless View Post
Hmm, made me go play with my HurricanE 553. Very minor ghosting at the highest intensity settings, more so with the reticle set to green than with the red. But so minor that it was in no way distracting, regardless of how I moved my eye around (up, down, left, right, and nearer and father from the sight).
The real EOTechs are awesome, but I can't see having one for airsoft, lol. Never used Huang's, regrettably.
My biggest problem with the HurricanE 553 was that the tan model came in two-tone that was crazy. The battery cover was halfway to white (before I painted it!).
Just wait for the real covers to come up on the spare parts list.

Oh, & by the way I now have all three, Huang, Hurricane and EOTech. The real one is by far the best one but the hassle of getting them seems to pre-empt it being more common. Mine came used a bit less than a new Hurricane.

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