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Paintball ;o... yea that used to be me .

TBH I'm a bit of a peace-lovin' hippie. I rather just talk it over . However I'm not so much of a hippie as to not be able to sit down and watch Band of Brothers (One of the greatest War if not TV series ever). Learning about what the people who fought in the wars faced is part of learning about our identity and history. I think milsimmers that take their sport seriously are, to what extent they can, paying respect to those that fight. I respect milsimmers cause they treat airsoft seriously, and are trying to experience something that is out of their normal day to day (even if only for a few hours). People who just play to shoot people or mess around don't really contribute much to the world of airsoft IMO, nor are they getting much out of it I think. However as long as they arn't disruptive there is no reason to exclude them.

When it comes to airsoft I just try to treat it as an entity into itself; treat it kind of like a martial art where I learn to control myself and develop a bit of discipline. CAPS works really well for that. I don't know if I ever will handle real steel, but should I choose to do so in the future, at least I'll know the fundamentals/how to be safe.
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