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Originally Posted by rexdlu View Post
excellent contribution to the thread how bout -11

what exactly is ment by "super serious" players..

Everyone calls hit when hit .. everyone shoots 6mm plastic bbs

is it not an oxymoron to cal someone a "serious PLAYER" we are all playing afterall.. so it really can't be take too seriously ...

I'm serious when I'm training ... and for me play is training.. so I approach it in a manner that indicates the importance TO ME I don't hate people who bring less focus to the game... there is room for all types.

If I want an all absorbing simulation.. I won't go to a PB field to look for it..
Wheras if I want a run and gun skirmish I will.

It takes a certain financial comittment to gather up all the gear to be able to go into the field for 8 hours at a time.. and even more to do it for a couple of days. Not everyone cares to or even enjoys that experience ... it does not make you less or more than anyone because you can or do have what is required to do that sort of thing.

it takes NO money to bring focus and intensity to your every endeavor .. If something is worth doing .. its worth doing well.

I do have to admit that I find it frustrating dealing with people who are lazy .. ( or appear that way ) or could care less of they are impacting the enjoyment of an experience for others.

If you are "just there to have fun" and you are surrounded by guys all decked out in gear and clearly quite content to lie on watch for a few hours without firing a shot ... you may be at the wrong game.

Recently I ran a game that was supposed to be a recon based OP ... 1.5 hours in to the game .. a few people started to complain about "not having anyone to shoot at" I nearly LOST it .. the point of the OP was to find the guys to shoot at .... I mean there were some guys literally sitting around waiting for something to happen .. instead of getting out there and making it happen.
Finally I had to start to direct units to each other so they could get some contact ...

What is the point? This is an example of many typical players.. they want their game served to them.. Like hunters shooting staked out game.

Sure it may be fun.. a little at first ... but soon it just becomes the same old game over and over again..
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