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Ive played a variety of all games and I enjoyed each of them differently for different reasons. Real caps are cool, but for game dynamics, it doesn't really work well unless everyone is using them. Im not a fan of hi caps, just because I don't like the noise they make and the winding, but I can understand using them for budgetary and other reasons. For example I have a CA SA58, they only makes hi caps, so I have no choice.

As for games I have played mindless skirmishes at FR, zombie games, Black Bear hosted games at Wasaga, ATQ3 at TTAC3 and the most extreme for me Operation Black Tusk hosted by In Country.

Each of these games are extremely different and each had their appeal to ME. I enjoy all sorts of games in different environments under different restrictions. Some things just don't jive for different people. Im not into milsim or realism, I'm in to enjoyment. Im for whatever that I enjoy and that can either be a skirmish at FR, doing a training session at TTAC3, or carrying everything on my back into the field, patrolling and lobbing grenades at those dirty VC Lepers at an In Country game. Its all about what I'm feeling.

For some people, its not even about the game, its about the gear, and showing up to a game just to try out their rigs and shoot a bit, and talk gear with other gear heads and to me that's fine. Everyone likes their airsoft a bit different and there's nothing wrong with that.

But I mean, you have to take things into consideration, if you showing up to a zombie game, don't be expecting everyone to be all serious, your at a fucking zombie game. Same things goes with the uber SWAT/Seals/SAS/CF guys who want to be 100% realism, if thats what you enjoy than thats great, but don't be griefing someone else because their shit is out of order, not everyone is a soldier, nor does everyone want to be.
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