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Originally Posted by Sentry View Post
Realism for most people is just having realistic kit and not playing on a paintball field. People generally draw the line when they're tired, hot as hell, and being eaten alive by mosquitoes and insects.
People get tired, hot as hell, and are eaten alive by bugs when they have not prepared for the conditions.

This is kinda my point.. Realism means having the stuff necessary to do the job .. the job is not hauling around and gun and Shooting the other guy.. the job is keeping yourself warm/ Cool, Dry, Fed, watered and protected from insects so you CAN haul around a gun and shoot the other guy.

In battle.. its kinda not an option to go rest in the spawn or call it a day before the job is done.

Being able to carry through and Finish regardless of what is thrown at you.. that is realism ... because if it was real.. that is what you would have to do.

When we play.. we don't have to do anything .. its all by choice ...

I've seen lots of "gear whores" fall out after 2 hours of play .. over hot, over tired, and dried out... while the "hoodie warriors" played all day .. and finished .. who was more real?
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