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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
There are no rules in a real gunfight beyond physics and anatomy.
Exactly, well put. That's how I see it.

We are emulating the act of shooting each other with high-speed projectiles from devices that are supposed to look exactly like the real devices that fire the really high speed projectiles. The realism is all about the gun, nothing more.

If it's not about the gun, go play paintball. That's not saying I'm against any waccko mods either. As long as the basis is something that resembles a real gun, then the purpose of airsoft is fullfilled in my books.

I don't really like "MILSIM" all that much because for one, I can't make myself spend more on gear than on guns. Guns always take the cake for me. Which is why in 5 years of playing, I've never once been spotted in a proper BDU but I've sported many, many guns.

But back to the physics of it, the guns should be a realistic as possible. I hate how lame AEG's are, but currently it's your best/only choice for larger weapons. I hate hi-caps with a passion. There's nothing more that suggests you might as well go play painball if you want to run around and rattle like a sack of door knobs. I know I should be saying 'real caps or go home' but this is where we can have one compromise with airsoft. Any spring fed mag holds enough rounds to balance out the fact that one bullet is far more effective that one 6mm BB. So a lo-cap holding 90 rounds for an M4 is reasonable. The 'I'm poor' excuse doesn't really fly for using a hi-cap I say. You can pick up at least 4 lo/mid/real caps for most guns for under $100 at most and if you just spend $500 on a new gun, that's not unreasonable.

As for skirmishes, I like to have some order. The most annoying thing is not having definite teams or team indicators. I hate shooting people on my team and I hate getting shot by my own team. I can't play nearly as aggressively when I always have to stop and confirm who I'm shooting at.

Other than that, yeah, I usually just wear something like all black and bring out a chunk of my armory and try to make some memorable moments. Nothing like feeling all hardcore and macho like sporting only a chrome Desert Eagle and a tight sexy black T-shirt. Tell me that's 'not possible' in real life....

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