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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
Words of wisdom.

I'm into "Realsim" more so than I am "Milsim." :P
For me, I like to not be hindered by my gear .. so I buy good gear that works.. this tends to be solid name brand "real gear" like HSGI and EAGLE

I also like to be comfortable in all weather.. so I have a lot of clothing options for all weather operation..

I also like to have camo to suit the environment and season.. so I have several options

I don't go for a particular "impression" I don't carry stuff I don't think I'll use but I have enough experience to know what I may need so I typically have a good amount of stuff.

For example , yesterday I took Sha Do"s excellent Sniper Qualification course.

I had the following with me ( I knew the truck would be parked close to the Operation area so I took extra gear ) I would typically make the cammo selection prior to OP and leave the extra at home

Bergen with side pockets.
DZ OD Smock
Multicam Smock
Flectarn Smock
Woodland goretex coat
Flectarn goretex shell
Thin Fleece
thick fleece
Down jacket( SQUISHABLE !!)
Thin gloves
Medium insulated gloves
High loft Mittens with integral anti contact liners
Ghilli shawl
Wool watch cap
2 scarves.. and a veil
Polucarbonate safety glasses
ESS striker thermal goggles with face mask
Mesh goggle
3 L camelback
1 l nalgene
1 l aluminum bottle
500 ml aluminum canteen ( with cranberry jiuce)
1 l thermos ( hot sweet tea )
500 ml Thermos ( bitter tea )

1st line composed of
Padded belt - ww2 vintage suspenders
2 Brengun pouches on back 1 with Flashlight. chemlight, Ist aid kit, emerg blanket and various snacks ( protien bar and crunch granola bars )
the other . 2 FAL mags ( one in a sock so they did not rattle ) I knew we would be sniping so I did not need loads of ammo )
Compass pouch ( with compass)
Small Utility pouch ( with Monocular )
Holster with secondary weapon ( rubber dummy pistol in this case because gas no worky at 2 degrees ) and Rubber knife , and leather man utility tool

Everything above was in the bergen for transport

I wore ..for the bound.. CF issue ( old) windpants ( the ones with the rubber in the knees and butt ) Cf issue polypropoline "sleeping" shirt Brit Wolly Pully. Thick fleece and flectarn smock, CF issue gortex boots ( with awesome redhead mureno wool socks $12.99 at bass pro ) and a pair of sealskins gloves
1st line with Ghilli , boonie , Scarf and veil + weapon

I also had a 2 burner coleman stove for a lunch time brew up .. but that was in the truck.

Nothing I had was there because it looked cool ( except for the beret.. but I probably look the opposite of cool when wearing it .. but I don't care.. it just feels right) But all of it kept me warm dry and active in the field for the duration.

It does not make me hard core.. but it sure made me able to focus on task and forget everything else .. as I had what I need and wanted for nothing.

Gear does not make the Man.. but it can make the man more effective.
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