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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Personally, I don't really see the need for the distinction..

It is quite possible to play MILSIM in the middle of a free for all skirmish.. it is not that important what the other guys are doing.. what is important is what are you doing?

Some people can't invest in all the gear.. and high end guns... it does not make them any less "serious" as players.. I knoe quite a number of people who don't have much stuff but they are certainly "serious" players in that they play to win and try to use skill to do it.

There is a significant error to presume that the Hoody clad warrior with the clone MP5 is not a capable and "serious" player... its the same mistake as presuming that the fellow wearing $5000 in guns and gear has a clue.

I like limited ammo games in a woodland field environment... does that make me a "milsimmer" I also like a game we call "bunneh push" does that make me a gamer?

labels .. mean nothing
Words of wisdom.

I'm into "Realsim" more so than I am "Milsim." :P
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